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Custom Wavy Water Feature

The designer specifically created this custom water feature for a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Fountain Metalworks is particularly proud of this project. Not because of the design, but because of the installation.

At the time, we were a small family owned business that was slowly growing. However, we have a very special set of skills that no other metal fabrication shop in our area possess. Learn about those special skills click here.

The contractor reached out to FMW with a custom water feature project, explaining their attempts to work with other local fabricators, who either provided outrageously high quotes or deemed the project impossible to complete. FMW scheduled an onsite meeting to see what obstacles had kept the other companies from jumping on this project.

The location was challenging to say the least. To begin with, the entrance to the home was up a very narrow steep driveway. The fountain location was against an uneven block wall against the main house. And 36in. in front of the wall was a metal staircase that led up to the back terrace of the house. A set of concrete steps came down from the parking area in front of the house which was the only access to the fountain location. This truly a custom project for FMW.

This project simply involved building the water feature in bite-sized pieces that we could carry into place and assemble like a puzzle. No crane. No outrageous over the top quote.

If someone told you your idea is impossible, drop us a line here. Or click here, if you want to take a look at our other water features.

Custom designed and fabricated for a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Standing 16´tall and 10´wide.

StyleCustomSize10´ wide x 16´ highFinishOil Rubbed Bronze Powder CoatCompletedJune 2019Share