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Rain Curtain Water Feature – Powder Coated

The Rain Curtain water feature is a mesmerizing and contemporary addition to gardens, patios, and indoor spaces. Designed to create a stunning visual and auditory experience. This elegant water feature mimics the soothing effect of natural rainfall. With water droplets cascading down in a continuous, gentle stream, forming a thin, shimmering curtain of water.

The Rain Curtain Water Feature is by far the biggest seller in our online shop. We have shipped them all over the USA. The Rain Curtain can feature finishes such as rusted Corten, various powder-coated colors, and brushed stainless steel. In addition, we can build them with only one column; we call this fountain the Inverted L Rain Curtain, and you can see it here.

The standard columns dimensions are 8in. x 8in. x 8in., however Fountain Metalworks can custom build any size column desired. Furthermore, you can add remote controlled LED lighting that makes this fountain really pop at night. There are removable panels on each column for easy access to the internal plumbing.

One of the most appealing aspects of a rain curtain water feature is its versatility. It can be installed in various locations, from outdoor gardens and courtyards to indoor living rooms and commercial spaces like hotels and spas.

With this fountain, you can order the completed top structure mounted to a stainless water basin or just order the top structure and mount it next to your pool or in your own basin structure. If larger than 96in in length or in height, it will ship in four separate easy to assemble sections. This will keep shipping cost to a minimum and create less risk of damage when shipping.

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Powder coated Rain Curtain Water Fountain in San Diego, California that stands 84” tall by 36”wide.

StyleRain CurtainSize48¨ wide x 84¨ highFinishMatte Black Powder CoatCompletedSeptember 2019Share