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Reflection Pool Water Feature

The Reflection Pool is one of our most popular water fountains this year. The versatility and modern design is it’s biggest selling point. Not only does this look great outdoors but is ideal for indoors as well. It has little to no splash which makes it ideal for an office lobby or location with increased public traffic.

Water flows up from the water basin through bubblers and then flows over the top tray back into the water basin. Also called an “infinity” pool, the water seems to come from nowhere and never overflows as if there is an endless resource. You can choose from a variety of metal finishes like powder coat, brush stainless, or Corten. To learn more about the various metal finishes available, check out our FAQ page.

Fountain Metalworks custom builds each Reflection Pool water feature based on the clients dimensions. The largest Reflection Pool we have built was 18ft. long by 4ft. wide. The standard height is 16 inches, but we can build it higher. The minimum height is 12in. And although we do not build the main basin out of Corten, we can build a Corten cover that will give you that rusted look over the stainless basin.

At night, the LED ring lights illuminate the bubblers, making the Reflection Pool water feature very elegant. And to avoid the need to manually fill the basin. Connecting a water source allows the client to utilize the auto-fill float valve which fills the basin as needed. In addition, Fountain Metalworks can install a hidden vault to hide the utility wires from view.

Lastly, to check out current works in progress on Facebook, click here

Powder Coated Reflection Pool Water Feature delivered to California. It´s 72¨long x 24¨ wide x 16¨high with LED ring lights around each bubbler

StyleReflection Pool Water FeatureSize72¨ long x 24¨ wideFinishPowder Coated Black MatteCompletedAugust 2020Share

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