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Metal Rain Curtain

Enjoy the sounds of rain anytime you want. The Rain Curtain water feature is constructed of a 20g sheet steel that is bent into 8″ x 8″ columns. Two removable panels inside the columns allow for easy maintenance. All plumbing is industry standard schedule 40 pvc and fittings. The plastic nozzles used to create the rain curtain can easily be removed for maintenance. There is an inline ball valve that allows you to adjust the water flow to the rain curtain. There is also a float valve installed in the water basin that when hooked up directly to an active water source, the water level will automatically fill as needed.


This amazing water feature can be customized to your specific needs by adding any number of scuppers and or any length of each individual scupper. The multi scupper in the picture shows 11 3″ scuppers spread out along a 96″ length and 48″ overall height. We can build any width and height. This can also be powder coated as shown in the image or it can be rusted, brushed stainless or copper.

Faux Stone

Made-to-order Faux Stone Water Feature offers a unique outdoor or indoor addition to any space. This elegant water feature creates a serene environment as the water flows over the stone of your choice and is framed by brushed stainless steel borders. The Faux Stone water feature can be placed above or below ground and is a simple plug and play water feature. Fill the basin with water, plug it in, add decorative rock on top of the metal grating and enjoy.

Reflection Pool

The reflection pool is a charming fountain with a truly modern design. Delight your guests and visitors with the “Infinity Pool” design. Water spills evenly over all four edges of the basin before dropping back into the pool, creating the illusion of a space without boundaries. A series of bubblers allow water to rise 3-4 inches above the surface of the water, and can be adjusted high or low so you can achieve the effect you want to achieve. Add lighting and you get a truly breathtaking, memorable piece.

Interested in a Custom Design?

Yes, we make custom water features and fountains too! Please give us a call or fill out the form to request a project quote. You can choose your material, unique shape or size, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?
How can I order? You can order directly from the website or call (928) 274-2697 if your order requires more detail than provided on the website.
What are your lead times?
Contact us for this (call or email). Typical lead times average 6-8 weeks for water features.
Are you in any stores?
Not at this time, we sell direct. We build on a “made to order” basis and rarely if ever have an inventory of products.
Do you build all of the products?
YES! We make it all in house. All pieces are designed and built here.
Where are you located and do you have a showroom?
We are in North Phoenix, south of the Deer Valley Airport. Our address is 329 W. Lone Cactus #5 Phoenix Arizona 85027. Please make an appointment before visiting. We don’t do tours as we’re too busy and this a working shop. But if you want to buy and see our craftsmanship beforehand, give us a call.

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